Random 2014 Musings Left On The Cutting Room Floor

“I had an alt against my brother.  So I went to him. With a shot.  We are now well. It is well.  With our souls”…. #thatsbible

And if the church is doing something you disagree with and can’t tolerate.. Walk out.. And walk out loud!!

Luke 19:33 & 34..”The Lawd needs that ass..” #whaPassaMeant #thatsbible

The welcoming of visitors has become rather social…. I ain’t seen not nare visitor and I ain’t lying to you.. Someone jes took my drank order..

I graduated from UMES… I know many people who… Went.. #noShade #allShade

Maybe people ignored this (Cosby) kinda the way they ignored Alicia anyolKeys having an affair with a married man.. Then writing a song about it… Is there a list goin around of celebrities we don’t hold accountable?… Please forward… Thx..

What happened to the streets?… Used to be a time you could count on them to handle certain thangs…

This whole Cosby situation has gotten beyond out of hand… Did he or didn’t he?.. I really don’t give a damn… Unlike most people I make an effort to not put unrealistic expectations on anyone… I also think anyone is capable of anything… Clearly you’ve been dealing with this… A while for some of you.. How bout we go back to that approach?

I enjoyed it for the most part… Could have done without a few songs… A lil too dancy… And dated… There are several good songs that I would love to hear Jazmine Sullivan take a stab at…(Mary J’s latest)


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