Through It All

On NYE I was very reflective like most of you.. The ups and downs of the year.. What went wrong.. What went right.. What could have been done differently..A song came up on shuffle and just about took me outta here.. “Through it all..”.. The title alone.. Even without hearing a note says everything…I put the song on repeat and really began to think about that thang.. My mind eventually went to the songwriter…Andrae Crouch..Not necessarily one of my favorites.. But I’ve enjoyed his music just fine over the years…  More than anything.. Andrae Crouch was quite pivotal in the Contemporary Gospel movement in the 70’s… And I’m not sure he gets the credit he deserves like his contemporaries.. Specifically Walter & Edwin Hawkins.. I’m not sure of the exact time line..But I recall all of them making contributions to the genre of music that would eventually become legendary.. We are not ashamed, Take me back, I’ll be thinking of you and more recently Let the church say amen.

The report went out this morning that Andrea is having some serious health concerns..My thoughts.. Well wishes and prayers are with him and his family…As well as a big ole thank you..

*WARNING*..  Do not…I repeat.. Do not think “Through it all” and really think about it unless you are in an appropriate area/environment and prepared to deal with the consequences… Don’t believe me?.. Try it.. I dare you..


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