My President Reads For Filth…

“Shade comes from reading.. Reading came first… Reading is the real art form of insult…”- Dorian Corey Obama Smirk

I’m not much of a political person…I don’t find it enjoyable to sit through a speech with a bunch a people with less than pleasant faces looking annoyed by what someone is saying.. I’d rather catch the highlights in the morning… Yet I do make the effort as a concerned citizen to check in to see what’s really goin on.. Besides.. MO is going to be there.. She is sure to give me something.. Surely she did.. But it was her husband…President Barack Obama who gave me everything I needed last night…

Flipping back and forth to the State of the Union address last night I tuned in at just the right time.. . The President of these here United States reminded a few people.. Don’t come for me unless I send for you.. I’m a black man.. From Chicago… I will get you together…And O Gawd did he?!?!

A very heart felt statement of “ I have no more campaigns to run…” was met with cheers and applause by several people… I mean… These people don’t even make an effort to hide their disdain and how much they just want him out of there..It’s very personal.. .My President… Who surely knows.. You don’t come for the person with the only mic.. Didn’t miss a beat..Let’s analyze what really went down in the House Chamber on last night..

After the inappropriate applause… Thinking they were being cute and funny.. When actually they were quite disrespectful yet again.. But I digress.. President Obama gives a smirk.. In his head he’s going.. “Oh.. They tried it….”.. “But I ghat something for you.. “… He slyly says..“I know cuz I won both of em”.. His tone.. Facial expression and delivery were perfection.. Totally said “Sat down”.. *That ain’t really what it said but I don’t want to offend some saints*… Then he puts the icing on the cake by going back to straight face like.. “Did I say something?”.. Shout out to motha who clearly forgot where she was and hollad bad…

Major props to President Barack Obama for his “You gon learn today.. State of the Union edition”


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