Texters Thumb.. It’s a thing..

Several months ago I noticed a pain in my left hand… It was in my lower thumb… To about my wrist… Didn’t pay much attention to it at first but it became more pronounced over the next few weeks..  Especially when I moved my thumb from left to right… A lil uncomfortable… Yet tolerable… More and more time goes by and uncomfortable is giving… I’m still here… I hate going to the Dr. and figured I’d make an appointment if I woke up one morning and my thumb was resting by itself on my good memory foam & hydraluxe cooling bed pillow.. Well that never happened but the pain had become so intense that my left hand was about inoperable… It was too week to pick up anything with weight to it and I was walking around lookin like John McCain with a gimpy hand and I knew I would soon have to pay someone a visit.

But what’s really goin on here?.. What has caused this?… I thought to myself…. Not even a few moments later I go to return a text and… OUCH!!… For real?!.. I go to text and I’m paining?….Lawd to Jeddah!!… I ghats texters thumb!!….

I received several giggles from friends over the next few weeks who were aware of my condition… “You ghat what?” they would say…. Texters Thumb!!… To which they would reply…”Taint no sucha thang”…

Cut to me goin to my Ortho a little over a month ago and he asks me what the problem is…. I fill him in on the events of the past few months and tell him…”I’m pretty sure I have Texters Thumb “… He proceeds to ask if I felt discomfort here… Did it hurt here… But he totally didn’t bat an eye at my texters thumb reference… Ehh??… He goes on to say that I’ve self-diagnosed pretty accurately…. Texters thumb… Also known as De Quervain Syndrome.  It’s associated with the tendons connected to the thumb through the wrist….Well get out of here!!  Normally he’d give me a shot of something or another but with the amount of pain I was in I probably would have hit the roof… Sir… You stick me with a needle… I’m likely to hit you…. So anti-inflammatory and a brace isolating my thumb would be the plan of attack…. For over a month now I’ve been wearing this brace on my left hand and it appears to have helped… Slightly…. I’m hardly back to normal… I don’t have the usual strength in my hand.. And it appears to have moved from my upper hand down to my wrist…. I can’t win for losing… And what makes this even weirder is that I’m right handed!!!… Yeah I might double thumb it sometimes…. But for the most part it’s me and this right thumb…


All that said to say.. I didn’t realize I was doing THAT much texting…. Which means it’s only a matter of time before some of you others go down… Be warned… Text with caution…


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