Beam Me Up, Scotty

Hol lup..

So Leonard Nimoy passes on Friday… And is in the ground on Sunday.. And people are mad at William Shatner?… Come on now.. He was probably thankin… It’s gon take at least a day for everybody to get to the house.. A couple days to round up and go through the pictures…Set Shiva…Make sure that policy right… Decide on colors… Who AIN’T gon sang… Get everybody to the left coast.. Do we really need 5 limos ?(That’s another $300 per).. Can’t nobody find Uncle Ron…And look for the imaginary $ he no doubt left behind in the house… He was thankin mid- late March @ earliest… 2 days?.. Are we sure he was even gone?.. I’ve had naps that have gone about that long..

RIP Mr. Nimoy



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