Top 5 Tuesday – Debut R&B Project

Kelly Price – Soul of a Woman


I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard the lead single “Friend of Mine”… I was on 295 headed home and by time she got to hollerin “How could you do it” I just about lost control of the car goin round the bend… Kelly Price was my kind of singer… Just hollerin… For no good reason… Debut project didn’t let me down… A perfect introduction to the woman that would become one my favorite female singers..

Brian McKnight – Brian McKnight


There is nothing quite like a sangin man.. Who sounds like a woman… Brian McKnight screams bad.. I knew out the gate when I heard “Is this the way love goes” that he was something special.. That notion was cemented when I saw him perform at a homecoming concert at the University of Maryland to a crowd who barely knew his name..He did the entire CD.. From top to bottom.. Standing in front of a keyboard…I was sold!!

Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill


 Instant classic… She should have just retired after its release because there was just gonna be no topping it.. Well.. Didn’t she kinda do that?… *scratches head*… But I digress… Her beautiful tone was captured on equally beautiful and well written songs (by who is debatable) that are just timeless… If you’re gonna have just one project… This would be the one to have!

Donnie – The Colored Section


 Arguably THE best Most underrated debut male R&B project.. EVER!!… His voice is like bacon.. It makes everything better…  How this project flew under the radar is beyond me… Solid project from top to bottom that is still in rotation in my music library…. Amazing voice… Incredible mix of timeless songs… You can’t ask for more…

John Legend – Get Lifted

john legend

 John Legend is just the truth… This may have been a debut project but he certainly wasn’t new to the game… I had been introduced to him years before via two independent releases so I knew exactly what to expect… The project is just R&B perfection… He’s stays true to the genre while still managing to be mainstream (Pop).. To this day “Live it up” is still my mantra…


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