Amazing Grace….


Brooklyn NY… AFROPUNK.. Was the place to be this past weekend… The lineup included a legend who set the standard and is to this day still very much imitated… Grace Jones…I wanna say her set was amazing… But the word seems to have lost value as people throw it out so cavalierly..But it actually was just that.. Amazing.. I haven’t been that entertained in a while.. Grace Jones​ is no “singer” so she has to give you show.. And ghat dammit she did just that… From the time she appeared on that mounted platform baring full tiddy and tail.. In body paint.. Till the time she ended introducing her band… She gave show!!

I was/am a surface Grace Jones fan.. I enjoyed her music when she was out in the 80’s.. And I loved her “Imma do me” personality which was quite bold for the time period.. But I was a kid.. I didn’t really grasp the full conecept of what/who Grace Jones was… Up until Saturday I was only familiar with her radio hits but was delightfully introduced to a catalog of her music that is quite timeless and still pumps… The audience was captivated as Grace performed selections that included “Love is the Drug”, “My Jamaican Guy”, “Private Life”, “I’m not Perfect, But I’m Perfect For You”…“Pull up to my Bumper “ (I’m sure I’m not the only one who had no idea what they was sangin bout back in the 80’s) …And I rather enjoyed “Williams Blood”…I’m not sure who William is.. But it shol made Grace dance.. And dance bad.. Darning a big floppy Easter Sunday hat looking head covering and tulle skirt… Mother shouted like she was in the congregation of her brother Noel’s church… Who she mentioned more than a couple times during her set.. Umm hunh…


I was simply astonished how a 67 year old woman could perform music that is over 30 years old…In 5 inch pumps and keep the audience in the palm of her hand the entire time… Grace Jones is a true entertainer.. The multiple outfit changes.. The witty banter between songs…. The crowd walking… All made for an evening of music I shall never forget.. And then to end the show performing the very recognizable hit “Slave to the Rhythm”. Whilst hula hooping?!?!… Are you kidding me?! I totally forgot how much that song cranks.. Talk about “more cowbell?!?!”… I wanna say that this was a collaboration with EU and one of their firsts as they forayed into popular music… That joint goes awf!!… Simply amazing.. After 10 years… AFROPUNK did the damn thing with this year’s line up!


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