My Favorite Thangs 2015

My Favorite Thangs!!

You gon need something to go in that cup…

I liked apple juice growing up… As a matter of fact…I recall we were pretty much an apple juice household.. I don’t recall orange juice ever being consistently available.. Apple is what it was..I don’t even recall the brand and it’s not like I was crazy about it…It was just juice you had with breffus…

Silly me…Just like I wasn’t always aware of the various types of apples available.. There is apple juice that is way more tasty than what I recall from my formative years.

Enter all natural Red Jacket Fuji Apple Juice… This ain’t cho momma’s apple juice… Unlike any fruit juice I have ever tasted..You can taste the freshness…The Fuji flavor is bold yet not overwhelming.. And it’s cold pressed and unfiltered.. I don’t know how my juices been pressed in the past.. But from hence forth and forevermore… All of my juices must be cold pressed.. Also, makes for a great mixer.. IKR.. Apple juice..

red jacket


Since we on apples.. May as well make you hip to some “adult apple juice”.. I tend to go darker with my sauce in the winter.. And this here is just right.. Smooth enough to just go over ice..Or take your apple cider up a notch or two… Great with Ginger Beer or Ale…

JB Appl2










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