Random 2015 Musings Left On The Cutting Room Floor

Pretty sure the train operator just came for the citizens of the Good Green Line as we approached Anacostia station.. “Anacostia… Where most of you will be gettin off…”… That red call button was blocked… Lest I would have been able to holla…”Ya muvah gittin off!!”…. Da hell he talkin bout?!?… Train full of people comin from work… Clearly the majority ain’t headed to Anacostia..

Is there a silent U in “similar” that I continually forget to pronounce?

If ever you ask your friend about the specifics of their life.. And their response is “I put it on Facebook “… You two aren’t as close as you think.

Say yes to Jeddah… And yaaaes to style!!

Sometimes you jes have to go.. Or don’t… But don’t chu dare look sideways when the invite stops coming…. Umm hunh..

I love it when a co-worker mistakenly calls me “Jeff”… A fellow…”co-worker”… Their reaction is priceless…

Would’ve is a contraction for “Would have”…. “Would of”…. Sounds like the pronunciation of “would’ve” and likely used by people we finally ghat to stop sayin “conversate”

*deep sigh*…Don’t get me wrong.. I think she can sing.. I even enjoy her.. But the misappropriation of superlative adjectives by this country on this voice that would be considered just above mediocre if not for her hue has left me more than annoyed…. You know they have people who have a similar sound… Many actually… I dare say better… The jes don’t look like her… Umm hunh…

The time is now!!!….Turn your plakes over…Grab your rosaries…Drop to yo knees.. Molly.. We in danjah gur!!

If your project don’t show no sign of a Hammond or tambourine.. Is it really “gospel?l”

You really have to use disinfecting wipes… Lest they’ll become paper towels…’

I need a gun..

I declare.. Bananas are THE most hateful fruit.. I like them.. But theyoon’t like me… And I thought satan had me bound.. He ain’t got nuffin on deez nanas..

You all in my lane today dawtah… Was having dinner the other day with friends… A young… Obese lady almost went out of her way the entire time to keep chiming in…”Ioon eat dat… Ioon eat dat… Uggh.. Ioon eat dat”… It took all I had to not go…”We’ll.. Clearly.. You’ve been enjoying something!!”

Don’t take everything so personal… Everyone’s negative exchange with you may not even be about you… Get over yourself…#preachin2myself…


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