Random 2016 Musings Left On The Cutting Room Floor (Part 1)

You have one time to look me dead in my face and not speak…. #youRDead2me

Did they every burry James Brown?

Some days you really should just stay in the house for your sanity and to protect others…

Sometimes my anointment scares me..

Open letter to FB: In 10 words or less.. Please explain to me why you thank I might know that person you suggested… Also.. Please provide the name of the connection associated with said person… Cuz they ghats ta go…

If you break your neck… Damn near push people down to board a train… I promise you I am goin to set right beside you… Irregardless of me passing several empty seats

I recently befriended someone who insists on greeting me via texts with.. WYD….. I voiced how annoying and problematic the action was yet it continued…. Eventually….All I could respond with was…. BYE…

If you know you have no intentions of going… Why you mad you ain’t get invited?

People don’t say excuse me anymore.. I’m sorry. Clarification… Most white people don’t say it…

Open letter to folk off train:  You not gon walk across the whole ghat damn platform…

I’m clearly not using the minutes on my text machine …. Can I trade them in for something?

If you ax me a question and I blatantly… Obviously ignore you… You will be better served to accept ignoration…

I must put this quote somewhere for later use…”Don’t let gentrification get you fucked up in here”

Don’t confuse friendship with people you’ve been acquainted with for a long time… – Darrell E. Housey Jr.

This is me pumping up the jams… *looks up Phyllis Hyman playlist*

You may not understand 2+2… But it will always be 4…Just because you missed the intended point of this thread doesn’t mean one wasn’t made… Reading is fundamental… Comprehension is key…


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