My Favorite Thangs 2015

My Favorite Thangs!!

You gon need something to go in that cup…

I liked apple juice growing up… As a matter of fact…I recall we were pretty much an apple juice household.. I don’t recall orange juice ever being consistently available.. Apple is what it was..I don’t even recall the brand and it’s not like I was crazy about it…It was just juice you had with breffus…

Silly me…Just like I wasn’t always aware of the various types of apples available.. There is apple juice that is way more tasty than what I recall from my formative years.

Enter all natural Red Jacket Fuji Apple Juice… This ain’t cho momma’s apple juice… Unlike any fruit juice I have ever tasted..You can taste the freshness…The Fuji flavor is bold yet not overwhelming.. And it’s cold pressed and unfiltered.. I don’t know how my juices been pressed in the past.. But from hence forth and forevermore… All of my juices must be cold pressed.. Also, makes for a great mixer.. IKR.. Apple juice..

red jacket


Since we on apples.. May as well make you hip to some “adult apple juice”.. I tend to go darker with my sauce in the winter.. And this here is just right.. Smooth enough to just go over ice..Or take your apple cider up a notch or two… Great with Ginger Beer or Ale…

JB Appl2










My Favorite Thangs 2015


Release the reindeer!!… Rang dem bells!!!!.. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!… Time for….

My Favorite Thangs!!

Sippin ain’t easy….But it shol is gittin bettah!!

At first glance… It’s a cup… But it’s so much more than that!!..Ok.. I’m overselling just a tad… But I’ve found this thing to be quite handy since it was gifted to me earlier this year… Insulated.. Double wall.. If I drank coffee it would keep it hot.. Most importantly.. It keeps my “cooling water”.. Cool… Yessuh!!…

Whensahnevah you find yourself at an all inclusive… You must travel with it..I found myself on the good Royal Caribbean a few months back… Me and my new BFF “Red” put a hurtin on that drankin pass…

It’s the perfect size for your cup holder for road trips.. Hell.. Even if you just making a few pit stops… 20oz on the go has never been easier…I also suggest picking up a few extra.. You know… For your road dawg…Or for that friends house you frequent often.. It only makes sense to optimize your sipping moments and this cup will certainly do that.