Cold den a mug….

I don’t know about you…But I have never.. NEVAH experienced cold like this… And I’m not one to typically complain about the cold.. During Winter..I mean.. It’s Winter.. I got off of the train and unconsciously ingested the cold air..I seriously think my lungs have been bruised…Or at a minimum compromised… What’s really goin on out there? Polar Vortex… Nino? It should be illegal to be outside when it’s this cold! #icanttakenomo #brrrr


Inniggeration…/Why Come…

Cut to me watching coverage of the second inauguration of President Obama on Fox 5 Morning News some time ago…. I’ve watched the show for years.. I know these people!!!…Half listening I hear what I know is just a slip of the tongue…”O…. That’s Holly.. She made a mistake.. She’ll acknowledge… Apologize… And we’ll move on”…  That so wasn’t the case.. A day later Holly shows up and is giving.. “You may think you hurd… But iainntsay that… I hope in my time here I have shown that I’d never do such a thang… ” Really?  So basically you’re calling me stupid  and deaf?!?!… I’ve watched Holly for over 15 years…I’ve enjoyed her lifestyle segments and her silly antics… I don’t believe her to be racist by any stretch of the imagination… However, I do know that we are all capable of making mistakes.. And I sincerely believe that she made one and refuses to admit it.  I am by no means a speech pathologist.. But my hearing is pretty good.. And I know what I heard/hear…

She’s absolutely right… She did not say Inniggeration.. But she shol was bout to…There is a stark difference in sounds between “Nih” and “Nau”… And it’s quite obvious which one she used… I was quite surprised when the suits over at Fox didn’t so much as even make a statement..Much less give her any kind of punishment… Hell.. Not only was there no punishment but she was recently promoted…Really? Many people have gotten canned for far less.. Not one person over there thought…”Run the tape back.. Cuz it shol sounded like…”

What Holly Morris actually said is not debatable… Her true feelings are… But I’d rather not.. I’ve had a sour taste in my mouth regarding her since this incident and she gives me pause whenever I hear her voice or see her face….  I expressed such yesterday via the twitters and she had nerve enough to respond… If she had the right people in her corner they would have told her to be grateful she got away with it and keep on moving…. But she done gon and poked the bear…..It’s on now!!

Holly Tweet 2

I think it’s rather arrogant of her to have this kind of “Nope..Didn’t say it.. Let’s move on” kind of attitude.. Especially since this situation is not subjective.. There is a recording..It can be reviewed… And there is no question what she said…Holly is not dumb..She knows that.. Yet she still gives.. “Nope didn’t say it”… Which begs the bigger question.. The actual question really…

Why are some people held accountable for their actions and forced to deal with the consequences/ramifications while some others are not?

I hate to name names…But I will for effect… Bill Cosby.. Alicia Keys… Brad & Angelina…Gabrielle Union..R. Kelly…. Who else?..  All of the before mentioned people have been involved in alleged immoral behavior.. Yet it seems because of the good work they do their actions have been ignored and they have suffered no consequence.. (Cept for Bill..I think people bout done ignoring and he’s going down like Rose Royce)

Random 2014 Musings Left On The Cutting Room Floor

“I had an alt against my brother.  So I went to him. With a shot.  We are now well. It is well.  With our souls”…. #thatsbible

And if the church is doing something you disagree with and can’t tolerate.. Walk out.. And walk out loud!!

Luke 19:33 & 34..”The Lawd needs that ass..” #whaPassaMeant #thatsbible

The welcoming of visitors has become rather social…. I ain’t seen not nare visitor and I ain’t lying to you.. Someone jes took my drank order..

I graduated from UMES… I know many people who… Went.. #noShade #allShade

Maybe people ignored this (Cosby) kinda the way they ignored Alicia anyolKeys having an affair with a married man.. Then writing a song about it… Is there a list goin around of celebrities we don’t hold accountable?… Please forward… Thx..

What happened to the streets?… Used to be a time you could count on them to handle certain thangs…

This whole Cosby situation has gotten beyond out of hand… Did he or didn’t he?.. I really don’t give a damn… Unlike most people I make an effort to not put unrealistic expectations on anyone… I also think anyone is capable of anything… Clearly you’ve been dealing with this… A while for some of you.. How bout we go back to that approach?

I enjoyed it for the most part… Could have done without a few songs… A lil too dancy… And dated… There are several good songs that I would love to hear Jazmine Sullivan take a stab at…(Mary J’s latest)