Texters Thumb.. It’s a thing..

Several months ago I noticed a pain in my left hand… It was in my lower thumb… To about my wrist… Didn’t pay much attention to it at first but it became more pronounced over the next few weeks..  Especially when I moved my thumb from left to right… A lil uncomfortable… Yet tolerable… More and more time goes by and uncomfortable is giving… I’m still here… I hate going to the Dr. and figured I’d make an appointment if I woke up one morning and my thumb was resting by itself on my good memory foam & hydraluxe cooling bed pillow.. Well that never happened but the pain had become so intense that my left hand was about inoperable… It was too week to pick up anything with weight to it and I was walking around lookin like John McCain with a gimpy hand and I knew I would soon have to pay someone a visit.

But what’s really goin on here?.. What has caused this?… I thought to myself…. Not even a few moments later I go to return a text and… OUCH!!… For real?!.. I go to text and I’m paining?….Lawd to Jeddah!!… I ghats texters thumb!!….

I received several giggles from friends over the next few weeks who were aware of my condition… “You ghat what?” they would say…. Texters Thumb!!… To which they would reply…”Taint no sucha thang”…

Cut to me goin to my Ortho a little over a month ago and he asks me what the problem is…. I fill him in on the events of the past few months and tell him…”I’m pretty sure I have Texters Thumb “… He proceeds to ask if I felt discomfort here… Did it hurt here… But he totally didn’t bat an eye at my texters thumb reference… Ehh??… He goes on to say that I’ve self-diagnosed pretty accurately…. Texters thumb… Also known as De Quervain Syndrome.  It’s associated with the tendons connected to the thumb through the wrist….Well get out of here!!  Normally he’d give me a shot of something or another but with the amount of pain I was in I probably would have hit the roof… Sir… You stick me with a needle… I’m likely to hit you…. So anti-inflammatory and a brace isolating my thumb would be the plan of attack…. For over a month now I’ve been wearing this brace on my left hand and it appears to have helped… Slightly…. I’m hardly back to normal… I don’t have the usual strength in my hand.. And it appears to have moved from my upper hand down to my wrist…. I can’t win for losing… And what makes this even weirder is that I’m right handed!!!… Yeah I might double thumb it sometimes…. But for the most part it’s me and this right thumb…


All that said to say.. I didn’t realize I was doing THAT much texting…. Which means it’s only a matter of time before some of you others go down… Be warned… Text with caution…


Happy National Carrot Cake Day…

In honor of National Carrot Cake Day (IKR.. Who makes this stuff up?)..I submit to you THE best carrot cake I have ever had in my life..

Cut to about the year 2000 or so..I was invited to a hockey game at Verizon Center.. Hockey?.. Oh.. Suite level? I’ll go to just about anything if a suite is involved… Sure..I like the Nationals.. Let’s go!!..

It’s my second hockey game…I’m so not interested…. Again..But the food and drink.. Even the people were enough to hold my attention…Then it happened…6 layers of goodness that would forever change my life… And set me on a course of years of searching… Did you hear me say 6 layers?!?!…I’m on the fence about what is actually my “favorite cake”..But carrot is definitely in the top 3.. It was the moistest..Tastiest.. Thing I had ever had in my life.. Topped with cream cheese frosting of course.. (So good that I would eventually pay over a 1K for it)…I enjoyed it and sought out to the Verizon staff to see who made it.. Of course no one knew.. I ate carrot cake until I was just about sick but still needed a slice to take on the road…So off to the food vendors I go… To my chagrin I would learn that the cake was only available at suite level… The devil!!

As years went by I would often think of said cake… And whenever I got an invitation to attend ANY event in a suite at Verizon center I was there..Looking for cake…I even lucked out a few times… I even admonished anyone I knew headed to the suites to make sure they got..The cake…Cut to many..Many years later..I’m having dinner with a dear friend…It’s dessert time… Sure.. Carrot cake please.. Minutes later I just about bit my tongue as my taste buds alerted me… “Darrell!! This is THE carrot cake!!…” “Is this baked in house? Is it delivered daily? If so…Who is the baker?” I ask the waiter…Of course he doesn’t know…. “Would you please get a manager” (You will come to know these are words I often have to speak)… After explaining my confection situation… The manager coyly told me he couldn’t give me that information.. And was dead serious… After a lil back and forth…Some pouring on the charm.. Batting of the browns.. He seriously didn’t give up the baker.. Ok… I didn’t come this far to not get the origins of this cake.. What would MacGyver do?..As we exit I notice someone wrapping up a dessert to go.. I look over and there is a box..But is it THE box?..I snap a picture and we roll out..

Long story.. Even longer.. I had the name of the baker…I look them up on line.. And there it is.. 6 layers of goodness… But that price.. Damn!!.. I was already payin a pretty penny to have my Red Velvet shipped from Nyack, NC. There just wasn’t much in the treats budget to allow for such an expense… At this point I was just content to know where I could get a slice and where I could get a hole cake if I absolutely had to have it.. *sigh*.. Success!!

But that’s not how the story ends!!

My company decides to have a company event.. .Verizon center.. Suite level.. Hockey game.. *sigh*.. Let me go get me some cake.. Then it dawned on me.. You know the people in the office coordinating this effort.. Tell them to order the cake..To which they responded.. “Ask Dennis” (President/CEO).. Yes..I marched into the President’s office who is aware of my sweet tooth because his is as bad and asked him to order the cake… “I’m telling you… Order the cake”…To which he responded.. “No”.. Ok..I don’t take no very well so I told the coordinators to give me the catering info and I’ll order the cake and pay for it myself.. Which I did.. And told the coordinators to make sure to put my cake to the side.… Day of the event I’m on my way to the Verizon Center excited about carrot cake.. Not a hockey game..I walk in and make a B line to find my cake..I see one of the coordinators nervously..Anxiously trying to get my attention..But she was too late..As she walked up on me I noticed that my good carrot cake was not only on the food table.. But had a pretty cute dent in it… Before I had a chance to get in my feelings and set it off in the Verizon Center.. Here comes the President.. Plate in hand.. Full of cake.. Talkin bout “You were right!”.. In this moment I had a decision to make… What is more important here… Your job.. Or this cake.. And I honestly had to give it some quick thought.. Luckily I was relieved of such decision when he told me they were bringing another one out and to just expense them both and take one home… *wipes brow*.. Cuz I honestly didn’t know how that was going to play out… The best hockey game.. Ever!!!

But wait… There’s more!!…

A few days later I’m perusing my account on line and I just about fell out of my chair when I noticed a charge for over $1K by the caterer…There was a mix up and they somehow used my card to cover some of the other expenses of the party…No real biggie…The error was corrected in a few days.. And I still had cake!!!

Happy National Carrot Cake Day!!

carrot cake

Oh yeah…If you really bout that carrot cake like and looking for where to get it..Holla at me…I went through entirely too much to just throw a link up here.. Da hell?!

My President Reads For Filth…

“Shade comes from reading.. Reading came first… Reading is the real art form of insult…”- Dorian Corey Obama Smirk

I’m not much of a political person…I don’t find it enjoyable to sit through a speech with a bunch a people with less than pleasant faces looking annoyed by what someone is saying.. I’d rather catch the highlights in the morning… Yet I do make the effort as a concerned citizen to check in to see what’s really goin on.. Besides.. MO is going to be there.. She is sure to give me something.. Surely she did.. But it was her husband…President Barack Obama who gave me everything I needed last night…

Flipping back and forth to the State of the Union address last night I tuned in at just the right time.. . The President of these here United States reminded a few people.. Don’t come for me unless I send for you.. I’m a black man.. From Chicago… I will get you together…And O Gawd did he?!?!

A very heart felt statement of “ I have no more campaigns to run…” was met with cheers and applause by several people… I mean… These people don’t even make an effort to hide their disdain and how much they just want him out of there..It’s very personal.. .My President… Who surely knows.. You don’t come for the person with the only mic.. Didn’t miss a beat..Let’s analyze what really went down in the House Chamber on last night..

After the inappropriate applause… Thinking they were being cute and funny.. When actually they were quite disrespectful yet again.. But I digress.. President Obama gives a smirk.. In his head he’s going.. “Oh.. They tried it….”.. “But I ghat something for you.. “… He slyly says..“I know cuz I won both of em”.. His tone.. Facial expression and delivery were perfection.. Totally said “Sat down”.. *That ain’t really what it said but I don’t want to offend some saints*… Then he puts the icing on the cake by going back to straight face like.. “Did I say something?”.. Shout out to motha who clearly forgot where she was and hollad bad…

Major props to President Barack Obama for his “You gon learn today.. State of the Union edition”

Really Gurr… #4

Nischelle Turner downplays this years Oscar’s snub of amazing work by African Americans… “In fairness to Oscar…” Are you serious lady? Did you really give them the “We gave them a couple last year.. They won’t even notice” defense? I’m sure she was advised to say that..But to fix her mouth to actually say it shows her lack of integrity…. Damn… Was just starting to like her.. Became her FB friend just last week….

Stevie Wonder Tribute?

Imma jes leave this here for now..

Chris Martin, Janelle Monáe, Ed Sheeran To Salute Stevie Wonder

Willie Nelson and Usher also among first performers announced for “Stevie Wonder: Songs In The Key Of Life — An All-Star GRAMMY Salute,” airing Feb. 16 on CBS.

Caramel Apple Pie!!

This right here will make you change your relationship status from single to seriously involved… You won’t need anyone else…

IMG_3651-0.JPGWhen they say Caramel Apple Pie… They mean it!!!.. It’s apple pie flavored ice cream… With thick ribbons of caramel throughout…. Not to be out done by bits of actual apple and pieces of pie crust… In every bite.. And I can’t forget the cinnamon and nutmeg!!!…It’s a total party in your mouth when all of those ingredients come together… Just decadent….. If you can find it in your grocer I totally encourage you to scoop it up…




Lauryn Hill… Acoustic Tour 2015 Heads Up/Watch Out

Lauryn Hill continues her “comeback” with the announcement of tour dates of an acoustic set in DC & NYC… All the world rejoiced!!… And some have finally accepted reality and will not even hit the link.  I can actually get with either reaction…I had the opportunity to check out Lauryn at what I believe was her first “comeback” show in DC and it was beyond disappointing… Gone was her strong beautiful voice..It was just a raspy whisper… Still great tone however.. And she had remixed her songs to the point of being unrecognizable.. (There are several schools of thought as to why that has been done)..I left the show early..You can do that when you are gifted a suite and have nothing to lose.  Just last year I saw her at Spirit Fest… My expectations where so low..If she showed up before they had to turn the lights up we’d be doing good… Songs were still unrecognizable but the voice was much stronger…Actually wasn’t bad at all…

I think an acoustic set will serve her well…She won’t have the opportunity to hide behind loud music…She’ll have to sit on a stool and just give voice.. And that’s all we really want.. But can she do that before the houselights have to come up?.. Ioono.. Which is why I’ll have to pass…I don’t have time for entertainer shinanigangs…I’ll be content with the various reviews and youtube clips..Unless a gifted ticket comes along…

This is bout the longest comeback ever..I hope she records something soon so she can say she has finally got to where she is goin.. And sat down!!

Lauryn Hill: 2015 Acoustic Tour Dates
2/13 Howard Theatre – Washington, DC
2/20 Highline Ballroom – New York, NYLH
2/14 Howard Theatre – Washington, DC
2/17 Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY
2/23 Highline Ballroom – New York, NY
2/25 Blue Note – New York, NY

Source: Okayplayer