Really Gurr…. #2…???

So apparently Bill Cosby joked about the recent allegations against him during a comedy show…After noticing someone leaving during his show he asked her where she was going.. To which she replied.. “Getting a drink”..To which Cosby replied “You know you should be careful drinking around me…”

Oooooohh… As someone who is always on joke time.. Regardless of the matter at hand.. You always go for the punch line.. And he did..I’m pretty sure he didn’t give that comment much thought if any before he made it…But seconds later thought to himself.. “Too Far?”

Either way…

This is about the reaction of some to his response..I’m sure the general consensus is that the comment was inappropriate and Cosby tried it..But who is really trying it is Holly “Inniggeration” Morris… She was so appalled this morning and fixed her mouth to say “It comes across as flippant.. And like it’s really not a big deal”..

Really Holly?.. So did your response to what we all know you said… Imma need her to sweep around her own front door…First….