Lauryn Hill… Acoustic Tour 2015 Heads Up/Watch Out

Lauryn Hill continues her “comeback” with the announcement of tour dates of an acoustic set in DC & NYC… All the world rejoiced!!… And some have finally accepted reality and will not even hit the link.  I can actually get with either reaction…I had the opportunity to check out Lauryn at what I believe was her first “comeback” show in DC and it was beyond disappointing… Gone was her strong beautiful voice..It was just a raspy whisper… Still great tone however.. And she had remixed her songs to the point of being unrecognizable.. (There are several schools of thought as to why that has been done)..I left the show early..You can do that when you are gifted a suite and have nothing to lose.  Just last year I saw her at Spirit Fest… My expectations where so low..If she showed up before they had to turn the lights up we’d be doing good… Songs were still unrecognizable but the voice was much stronger…Actually wasn’t bad at all…

I think an acoustic set will serve her well…She won’t have the opportunity to hide behind loud music…She’ll have to sit on a stool and just give voice.. And that’s all we really want.. But can she do that before the houselights have to come up?.. Ioono.. Which is why I’ll have to pass…I don’t have time for entertainer shinanigangs…I’ll be content with the various reviews and youtube clips..Unless a gifted ticket comes along…

This is bout the longest comeback ever..I hope she records something soon so she can say she has finally got to where she is goin.. And sat down!!

Lauryn Hill: 2015 Acoustic Tour Dates
2/13 Howard Theatre – Washington, DC
2/20 Highline Ballroom – New York, NYLH
2/14 Howard Theatre – Washington, DC
2/17 Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY
2/23 Highline Ballroom – New York, NY
2/25 Blue Note – New York, NY

Source: Okayplayer


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